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Our Commitment to quality and making sure the job is done right and on time puts us on the top of the list for many contractors. Our pride and craftsmanship have been recognized by well known companies such as Winn Dixie, Walgreens, Eckerds, Auto Zone, Bealls, Harbor Freight, and Badcock Furniture.

1 Commercial Stucco
2 Commercial Stucco
3 Commercial Stucco
4 Commercial Stucco
5 Commercial Stucco
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7 Commercial Stucco
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Our attention to detail when it comes to your home is unsurpassed. We take great pride in turning your house into the home you have always dreamed of. Let our craftsman accentuate the beauty of your home with the timeless traditional look of stone or brick. Let the clean look of lapsiding or the decorative look of architectural banding or columns accentuate your home.

1 Residential New Construction Stone and Stucco
2 Residential New Construction Stucco
3 Residential New Construction Stone and Stucco
4 Residential New Construction Stone and Stucco
5 Residential New Construction Stone and Stucco
6 Residential New Costruction Stucco
7 Residential New Construction Brick


An exterior home makeover can optimize your curb appeal and give your home a whole new look, as well as increase resale value. Fresh paint, new stone & stucco, and architectural accent changes can turn a plain facade into a real eye catcher. See how these exteriors and interiors went from ordinary to unforgettable.

1 Residential Remodel Columns Before
2 Residential Remodel Columns After
3 Residential Remodel Columns Before
4 Residential Remodel Columns After
5 Commercial Remodel Stone Before
6 Commercial Remodel Stone After
7 Residential Stone Fireplace Before
8 Residential Stone Fireplace After

Stucco Repairs

Repair Your Stucco Damage As Soon As Possible!

Do you have stucco repair issues like this? Daniel Haag Stucco can repair damaged stucco or replace improperly applied stucco and make your home or office look like new.

Do not ignore your stucco cracks and problems. Although stucco cracks may not appear like big problems, there is potential for more serious problems to occur behind your exterior walls. Water gets in the home through the cracked stucco, causing mold and damage to the drywall inside.

Daniel Haag Stucco will correctly identify the source of your stucco problems and ensure a comprehensive repair is done that saves you money and unnecessary repeat repairs. Do not rely on a handyman for this critically important repair job. A stucco application that is installed properly can last for many generations. But when repairs are needed hire a stucco repair contractor that is experienced and reputable such as Daniel Haag Stucco. Citrus County stucco repair experts!

1 Residential Repair Stucco
2 Residential Chimney Stucco Repair
3 Residential Stucco Repair
5 Residential Stucco Repair